Corporate Social Responsibility

We move in accordance with the chosen strategy

Our CSR Policy

The policy of social responsibility is aimed at creating a balance between the process of making profits on the one hand and the environment on the other. A strong financial basis is the basis for the development of our company and compliance with its obligations to partners and customers. To ensure the correct course of development of the company, we have developed our own unique system of balanced indicators.

More than 50 indicators allow us to constantly analyze the current situation in our business. Our policy of social responsibility is aimed at meeting the interests of all parties involved in the business process. In accordance with the existing schedule, we are implementing measures to modernize production and optimize costs. Tracking the performance of balanced indicators is strictly at a certain time.

Our CSR Strategy

The priority strategic goal of ADAMAS Corp. is to achieve a growing profit in the long term. From many directions we have chosen the most important for us. Our company sets itself the task of fulfilling its obligations in these areas. The four main directions form the core of our strategy.

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Time is a valuable resource

The processes in the first place

We understand that the profitability of a business depends on the speed of the processes. Our company stimulates processes and optimizes time. The best specialists work on optimization of supply chains. All materials move without time delays. Adamas has a large partner base of logistics companies.

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Impact on the environment

Clean environment – clean future

All production processes are built using innovative technologies designed to reduce the negative impact on the environment. In accordance with the corporate plan, our means of production are constantly being modernized to the level of world standards.

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Care for Human Capital

Team is a guarantee of development

Talented employees are the foundation of our company. We provide safe working conditions and good wages. In addition, there is a large staff department that cares about the development and provision of our employees.

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Guarantees to partners

Partners are the foundation

Our company guarantees the fulfillment of all obligations to partners. Mutually beneficial cooperation is our most important priority. We work within the framework of contractual obligations. All payments or deliveries are made on time.

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