Building a safe and for the ages

Construction - honorable work

One of the most important directions of our work is the construction. We do everything quickly and beautifully.

Our company has extensive experience in the construction of buildings of any complexity. An impressive staff of skilled workers carry out a construction project on your order. We build both civil and industrial facilities. Our partners provide us with building materials. Own engineering staff to quickly and accurately build.

We can build almost anything! From nuclear power plant to large bridges from highways to hospitals. Our company cooperates with many government programs in US, Australia, Germany, Italy and France. If you are interested in the sequence of steps for our cooperation, please contact our specialists.


The number of objects we have constructed hundreds. In addition to construction, our company provides overhaul services. Today we are ready to build:
  • multi-storey residential buildings
  • cottages & luxury villas
  • private houses
  • yachts and boats
  • industrial sites
  • roads and highways
  • military & special construction
  • sports complexes and stadiums
built houses
ready facilities
sq. km roads
Built ships

Construction volume

Extensive experience in the construction of civil and industrial projects allows us to create impressive buildings, bridges, houses, cottages. All the buildings we build for special projects from certified materials.

Construction structure

The major proportion of the construction projects that we have done is occupied houses and luxury villas. In fact, any building construction project to us on the shoulder. The construction of roads and highways have also a great experience.
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Houses and cottage building – it is very important, especially if you intend to implement your own design, developed to meet absolutely any of your recommendations, wishes and requirements. The construction “from scratch” is very serious and time-consuming process. We are ready to build any house or cottage.

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Construction of highways is very complex and responsible process. There is a whole system of certified technology called for the construction of the highway. Our company is building a high-quality way of concrete. We are building the interstate highway, multi-lane roads, highways of federal importance, multi-level intersection.

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We build bridges on the latest world technologies. Our company has the certificate of conformity. All operations, we manufacture their own equipment, but for some operations, we engage our partners. Welding works, drilling, waterproofing we commit its partners.

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Ready to build any house.The main focus of our construction division is the construction of industrial buildings. We are building production plants, warehouses, territories, platforms and hangars. We have considerable experience in the construction of airfields and port areas.

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Our portfolio

The trust of clients from around the world - our pride!

[st_single_project_module module_animation=”transition.slideUpIn” project_title=”Vacation home” project_subtitle=”San Francisco, California, USA” project_icon=”Defaults-home” project_link=”url:%23|||” project_image=”10993″]Project № 137. Small cottage for a family of 7-10 persons.. The construction project – 12/03/2016 Completion of the project – 10/05/2016


A lovely country house for a young family. Built on standard designs using an individual approach. Pretty stone house with several rooms. Modern heating and ventilation system, sauna and billiards rooms, TV, SAT.[/st_single_project_module]

[st_single_project_module module_animation=”transition.slideUpIn” project_title=”Stadium construction” project_subtitle=”Sacramento, California, USA” project_icon=”Defaults-futbol-o soccer-ball-o” project_link=”url:%23|||” project_image=”10993″]Project №27. Building capacity of 75 000 people of the stadium. The construction project – 05/07/2015 Completion of the project – 21/05/2016


During the construction of machinery involved in the composition of 54 units and 214 workers. Designing the structure and design of the building involved in the company ConstructoDIZ – partner of Adamas Corp.[/st_single_project_module]

[st_single_project_module module_animation=”transition.slideUpIn” project_title=”Demolition of buildings” project_subtitle=”Odessa, Texas, USA” project_icon=”Defaults-wrench” project_link=”url:%23|||” project_image=”10993″]Project № 712. Demolition of two-storey building for the emergency construction of a new home. The construction project – 25/11/2014. Completion of the project – 23/07/2014


During the demolition of the building in compliance with all safety standards: fencing, noise reduction, dust control. During the process used specialized equipment.[/st_single_project_module]

[st_single_project_module module_animation=”transition.slideUpIn” project_title=”Highway construction” project_subtitle=”El Dorado, Arkansas, USA” project_icon=”Defaults-road” project_link=”url:%23|||” project_image=”10993″]Project № 221. Construction major highway 635 km long. The construction project – 10/02/2014. Completion of the project – 01/01/2016


The highway width of 5 lanes in one direction, with bridges and interchanges. Achieved by US standards. The most modern materials and equipment. The highest quality of the road surface provides smooth movement in any season.[/st_single_project_module]

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