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About Adamas Finance

ADAMAS Finance is a division of our corporation. We offer a full range of financial service. Professional experts will develop a cooperation program, offer schedule and hold a presentation of the project. Great experience in international cooperation enables us to provide financial services to both legal entities and individuals.

Down payment
[st_info_block_module block_number_color=”#3992ad” block_id=”financial_leasing” block_title=”Financial Leasing” block_image=”10993″ block_bg_color=”#f1f0f0″ block_title_font_size=”desktop:32px;” block_number=”01″ block_link=”url:%23|title:Read%20more||”]Financial leasing – an operation to acquire the ownership of the property and the subsequent surrender of his temporary possession.

  • Industrial and civil buildings
  • Construction and mining machinery
  • Production equipment and tools
  • Transport and vehicles


[st_info_block_module block_layout=”info-block-text-image” block_number_color=”#3992ad” block_id=”asset_management” block_title=”Asset management” block_number=”02″ block_image=”10993″ block_bg_color=”#f1f0f0″ block_title_font_size=”desktop:32px;” block_link=”url:%23|title:Read%20more||”]Professional management of various types of assets. We represent the interests of foundations, corporations, insurance companies.

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Realestate
  • Start up


[st_info_block_module block_number_color=”#3992ad” block_id=”investment_projects” block_title=”Investment projects” block_number=”03″ block_image=”10993″ block_bg_color=”#f1f0f0″ block_title_font_size=”desktop:32px;” block_link=”url:%23|title:Read%20more||”]One financial services is to invest in attractive projects. We offer both short and long-term investment.

  • Commercial projects
  • Construction projects
  • Computer science
  • Research and Exploration


[st_info_block_module block_layout=”info-block-text-image” block_number_color=”#3992ad” block_id=”private_loans” block_title=”Private loans” block_number=”04″ block_image=”10993″ block_bg_color=”#f1f0f0″ block_title_font_size=”desktop:32px;” block_link=”url:%23|title:Read%20more||”]Loans to individuals are given by the lowest interest rates. We have very attractive conditions. We give out loans at:

  • Cars and trucks
  • Cottages, houses, villas
  • Luxury and jewelry
  • Yachts and boats



Offering best conditions

Financial services

[ult_tab_element tab_style=”Adamas_Style” tab_nav_full_width=”yes” tab_title_color=”#274c53″ tab_background_color=”#f1f0f0″ tab_hover_title_color=”#274c53″ tab_hover_background_color=”#f1f0f0″ acttab_title=”#274c53″ acttab_background=”#e0e0e0″ tabs_border_radius=”0″ disp_icon=”Disables” enable_bg_color=”#f1f1f0″ resp_type=”Accordion” resp_width=”1100″ tab_nav_item_eq_width=”true” title_font_style=”font-weight:bold;” title_font_size=”desktop:18px;” container_border_style1=”border-style:none;|”][single_tab title=”Deposits for corporate clients” tab_id=”d42666c1-e9cd-10″]

Deposits for business «Urgent» - by 4.5% per annum

Great choice! Contribution with the best interest rate without the right to early termination.

Deposits for legal entities «Optimum» - by 7.5% per annum

The best offer on the market of financial services. Use all the advantages of cash deposits without leaving the office: high yield, flexible terms, reliability and stability.

Deposits for legal entities «Effective» - by 5.2% per annum

Bank deposit at any time and interest payment of your choice. The balanced solution for large investors.

Deposits for business «Adamas-TOP» - by 9.2% per annum

The ability to withdraw funds from the account of an unlimited number of times and at any time.
[/single_tab][single_tab title=”Overdraft for VIP-clients” tab_id=”1475143071599-1-0″]

Overdraft 1-3 days - by 2.5% per annum

Convenient for extended business needs. There is a need for money? This package is ideal for you!

Overdraft 8-15 days - by 3.9% per annum

If you need money for medium package. Operations 8-15 days overdraft obvious choice.

Overdraft 4-7 days - by 3.2% per annum

Weekly overdraft has its advantages. Money work for you for a whole week at allowable percent per annum.

Overdraft 16-30 days - by 4.5% per annum

This package is suitable for companies with an operating cycle of one month. Use the money to 30 days, earn and reinvest!
[/single_tab][single_tab title=”Leasing of machinery” tab_id=”1475144526847-2-5″]

Leasing term up to 1 year - rise in price of 10-12% per year

Good option for the purchase of agricultural equipment seeders, harrows and plows. If you are an agricultural company this package is ideal for you.

Leasing term from 3 year to 5 years - rise in price of 25-30% per year

In case you need to purchase expensive equipment worth more than 500 thousand dollars – it is a great option. Excavators, bulldozers and loaders buy for this scheme.

Leasing term from 1 year to 3 years - rise in price of 15-20% per year

Such leasing services for the purchase of tractors and combines. During that period it pays off appliances and there is a possibility of repayment of leasing liabilities.

Leasing term from 5 year to 7 years - rise in price of 30-33% per year

Special offer for the purchase of heavy mining equipment! If you plan to buy several large mining trucks and drilling rigs – this offer is for you.
[/single_tab][single_tab title=”Investment projects” tab_id=”1475145960339-3-7″]

Investment in the agricultural sector - Australia, China, Brazil

Our company is looking for a developed agricultural business for investment. Preference is given to sowing areas of 40,000 hectares. Black earth and moderately podzolic soils.

Investments in geological exploration - Arctic, Antarctic

We are looking for partners to create a joint venture for geological exploration of oil reservoirs.

Investments in the construction industry - bridges, roads, tunnels

Ready to become investors in the company providing services to the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels and communications.

Innovative technologies - medicine, energy

Interested in new investment projects in the field of medical equipment and medicines. Also interested in the development of renewable energy technologies.

Our happy clients

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Our achievements
  • Gross production volume
  • Gross proceeds
  • Coefficient ROA

Adamas Finance is a company that is characterized by high rates of development. Due to the wide list financial services, the number of our clients is constantly growing. We are a company with significant experience in the financing of various projects.

  • Munitions industry
  • Communal sector
  • Consumer goods
  • Agricultural industry
  • Construction industry
Looking for financial services?

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