About Slim Template

Web development team «Slim Template» was created in 2015. Our team consists of professional experts, who have extensive experience and skills to create websites using CSS3, HTML5 and PHP. In addition, our team includes talented designers and artists. Thanks to the energy and good level of training we start creating themes for WordPress.

Our motto is “Only premium!”, so the first priority, we believe is the creation of products that have the luxury design, embody the latest features CSS3 animations and have a 100% valid HTML5 code.

The total experience of our experts is about 5 years. We clearly understand process of creating high-quality and modern website – including both great design and functional code and programming.

It is worth nothing that in our team there are several people web marketers who constantly study the needs of online sellers. We know which site today requires the seller of cars, and a clothing store. Our web-artists are always aware of the latest trends of webdesign. At the same time the functionality of our websites remains high. For many, the site is a sales tool, and therefore very important is the ability to create websites with wide functionality. We are ready to say that our level corresponds to the highest quality levels.

Our development team expresses the hope that our products will delight you and visitors to your websites. We will do everything possible that would be cooperation with our team was pleasant and efficient. In our subjects inquiries, please contact support.

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